Stretching To Grow Taller

There is one effective and affordable method to grow taller without spending a fortune. This is stretching that has been proven to enhance muscle elasticity and improve blood circulation. Stretch exercise helps the body and brain to release human growth hormones which in their turn encourage the body to grow.

All types of exercise are helpful in growing taller but stretching is considered to be the most effective of them all since you can become a few inches taller. It is achieved through concentration mainly on your spine and legs since this is where your height comes from.

In order to grow taller you should have very flexible and strong cartilage which holds together the bones in your body and  is a connective tissue. But it is important to do stretching safely with no haste. Incorrect stretching can do a great damage to your spine.

There are safe tips that should be followed. For example, you should always warm up before stretching since it is not a warm up by itself. Or  stretching can be done after you finished your workout.

Do not jump or bounce during stretching, it can cause injury to your joints. Put on calm and slow music  and it will help with calming your mind and body as well.

Always breathe right and hold your stretch for at least 30 seconds for each body area. But make sure you do not feel paint, some tension is expected but pain means that you are overdoing it.

Be patient, stretching does take a lot of time but consistent stretching will produce the desired result of growing taller.
If you have a medical condition consult your doctor if stretching is allowed for you.

The most popular and effective stretches are head to knee, forward bend, downward-facing dog etc.