How can I get taller fast?

Many people ask themselves this question all the time. In this article we describe the most effective and fast ways to get a few inches taller.

1. Stretching Exercise

By stretching regularly you do indeed grow taller. Stretching increases your flexibility and improves muscle's elasticity. All athletes stretch before and after exercise to prevent injuries. And even animals do regular stretching. It is important to find an effective stretching technique that works for you and is not damaging for your body.Another way to get taller and have slimmer waist is by wearing steel boned corsets which straighten your posture.

2. Human Growth Hormone Stimulators

HGH stimulate human growth and cell reproduction. They can also help improve your metabolism, brain function and assist with the weight loss. 
HGH  can not be digested properly so the best form to administer it is the injection. Injections should be repeated often and are quite expensive. And with the combination of amino acids, proteins and herbs 
forces your anterior pituitary gland to produce more HGH  naturally.

3. Supplements

The variety of such growth stimulating ingredients as proteins, amino acids, glucosamine and others is added in these supplements to promote healthy human growth. But only certain amount of each ingredient can be digested and processed by your body. So an intensive research into these supplements and ingredients is required prior to starting them.
4. Limb Lengthening Surgery

This method is the most effective and expensive of the all listed above. The shin bones are broken and telescopic rod is inserted. Then the rod pulls the bone apart at approximately 1 millimeter a day. In the gap at the same time new bone, nerves, arteries grow. This takes 3-4 months and additional time for physical therapy is required afterward. This procedure costs from $50,000 to $85,000 in the U.S., and from $10000 in other countries.